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Our products are available wholesale to bars, cafes, restaurants and work places
Customized Labelling

Contact us about customized labelling and other specialized requirements.

Real Kombucha vs Others

KB Kombucha is brewed the real way - in Ceramic Crocks which produce a pure and natural Kombucha. Kombucha must be kept refrigerated (4-5 days out of fridge is the maximum we recommend) If you find Kombucha on the supermarket shelf or the label or website states it does not need to kept chilled then beware! It can not be real! Many manufacturers brew in plastic, stainless steel, force carbonate and even pasteurize their Kombucha. Just as we are committed to aiming for Zero Waste we are also committed to producing only real handcrafted Kombucha.

Kombucha For Cafes, Bars and Workplaces

KB Kombucha is available at wholesale prices to Cafes, Bars and Workplaces. We can supply in bottles or kegs. Contact us for more info.

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